VIP Appoints New Vice President of Marketing, Kim Cecchini, Building on Expanding Market Presence

FOLSOM, Calif. – Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP),  a national consulting, technology, and outsourcing firm, has appointed Kim Cecchini as vice president of marketing. Cecchini brings more than 20 years of experience helping high-growth companies achieve measurable results through strategic communications initiatives.


This appointment reflects VIP’s expanding and increasingly strategic communications focus in response to growing market demand for the company’s offerings. In this new role, Cecchini will be responsible for executing the company’s marketing and corporate communications strategy and overseeing all lead generation, branding, and positioning initiatives.


“Our legacy of success has been firmly tied to our ability to deliver measurable, integrated results through purposeful strategy, planning, and execution,” said Jonna Ward, CEO of VIP. “Further development of our marketing function reflects our commitment to continually evolve our brand and innovative offerings in response to changing market demands. We are excited to welcome Kim Cecchini to our team as a seasoned technology industry marketing and corporate communications expert.”


Cecchini has supported technology industry leaders including Microsoft, Adobe, and Dell, as well as a significant number of successful emerging technology companies. Her vast industry experience encompasses federal contracting, IT, healthcare, policy communications, and a variety of commercial and trade association verticals. Prior to VIP, Cecchini lead messaging and positioning for rapid growth organizations as COO of Larkin Communications, a strategic communications consulting company. She helped generate five positive acquisitions by such companies as IBM and Experian. Cecchini holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication from George Mason University.


“Joining VIP gives me the opportunity to become part of an organization that underpins my passion for technology industry success and the story behind that success,” Cecchini said. “I am truly excited to become part of such a results-driven company under the leadership of one of the brightest and most experienced executive teams I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to helping our clients and stakeholders realize even greater results as we work to fine tune and strengthen our positioning and the corresponding communication vehicles that help further VIP’s value proposition.”



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