The Recipe for a Successful Tech Project

Discovering that perfect chocolate chip recipe is an endless quest. Does room temperature butter work better than browned butter? Is it baking soda or baking powder, or both? It all depends on finding the right combination of ingredients.


Determining the right mix of ingredients is crucial when creating, whether it’s cookies for the office or a new software system for a client. Missing an ingredient or using the wrong mixture can mean the difference between success and failure.


No matter the type of project, there are five key ingredients you always need to ensure a productive team, engaging software, and a happy client.

A reasonable project schedule

Claiming you can turn this project around within two weeks makes a great pitch, but is it enough time for your team to put their best work forward? Create project schedule that best represents your team’s ability while meeting the client’s goals. Win-win.

Shared goals

Goals are an essential part of every project manager’s toolkit. They set expectations, maintain schedules, and ensure progress. If team members aren’t aware of the goals, the productivity effect is nullified. Outline goals at project kickoff and recap their progress at each team meeting to keep staff engaged.

Strategized communication

Typically, we wouldn’t think to plan to communicate with each other, right? But when it comes to the success of the project, laying out a concise communication strategy ensures every team member knows who to contact for support.

Recognized roles

While it may seem simple, identifying who is taking which role on a project makes a significant impact on the overall productivity and success of the project. Clearly defined roles and associated responsibilities ensure each team member is focused on the right activity.


Evaluation isn’t just something you do at the end of a project! To get the biggest impact, make evaluation a continuous process. It’s the best way to catch mistakes, to ensure goals are met, and to guarantee continual progression.


Uncovering the right recipe is key to success, even in technology efforts. No matter what you are creating, these five ingredients are vital to success. What other ingredients do you need to have for a successful tech project? Share with us in the comments below!

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