Public Safety

Improving Efficiency Practically Within Public Safety

VIP works with federal, state, and local government agencies to help keep first responders safer and better informed. Technology changes quickly, and agencies need dynamic solutions that can adapt over time to meet their needs. That is why we are a proud partner of Mark43, a cutting-edge public safety software solution.

Mark43 logoTogether, we’re helping public safety agencies lift themselves out of the aged technology gap, and on the path to an efficient and secure technological future.

Who is our trusted partner, Mark43?

Mark43 has built a one-stop-shop cloud-native platform created precisely for dispatch, records, evidence, and analytics. Their intuitive software allows us to provide better public safety works using their accessible insight and our shared commitment to improving protection and the pledge to serve.

Mark43 platforms:

Accelerated emergency response powered by high-quality, secure data when it’s needed most. Mark 43 CAD leverages the data your agency already collects to keep first responders safer and better informed. There’s no reason for first responders to blindly enter dangerous situations when critical information about a person or location can be at their disposal.

Core Capabilities:

First Responder and Call Taker / Dispatcher

  • Multi-agency and combined events with duplicate event detection and scheduling.
  • Configurable unit and event statue queues, command line and shortcut keys, response plans and run cards, unit recommendations, and resources and capabilities.
  • Multi-layered AVL map with CAD event and unit history status search.
  • NCIC, state/local message switch inquiries, and in-app messaging with prominent cautions, alerts, and notifications.
  • Bidirectional syncing with Mark43 RMS

System Administrator

  • Desktop, laptop, and tablet agnostic with web-based and installed application options
  • Vendor-free configurations with user / role permissions, ESRI, and other GIS Shapefile Import Wizard
  • Audit log CSV export with IP address whitelisting / blacklisting, and open API for third-party integrations

The Records Management System is a seamlessly integrated hub for mission-critical data collection and management.

Core Capabilities:

  • Report writing with in-station and mobile field reporting; incident, offense, arrest, field, vehicle, use of force, and MMUCC-Compliant traffic crash reports. Along with active error detection, unlimited attachments, word processing tools, and context-sensitive report export formats.
  • Investigative cases with seamless report important, active master entity sync, unlimited case attachments, word processing tools, a dashboard for case tracking, full audit history, and email and in-app notifications.
  • Property and evidence functionality with seamless custodial property report generation, a mobile application for barcode scanning, audits, and ID capture; configurable barcodes with disposition notifications, bulk item filtering and actioning.
  • Booking and jail functionality with support holding for up to 72 hours, linked arrest reports, configurable holding areas, intake questionnaires and a dashboard for personnel linked to booking record and context-sensitive booking record export formats.

Analytics places structured CAD and RMS data in the graphs, charts, tables, and maps that best suit your agency’s operational picture.

Core Capabilities:

  • Built for your Crime Analyst, Mark43 Analytics has a prebuilt statistical report library, hands-on configurable data explorer, comprehensive analysis filters, dimensions, and pivots. Along with raw Excel, test, CSB, JSON, HTML, Markdown, and PNG export.
  • Built for your Database Administrator, Mark43 Analytics has an open API for third-party connections, MS-SQSL Data Lake, and database table replicas, standards views, and specialized view support.
  • Built for your System Administrator, Mark43 Analytics has is desktop, laptop, and tablet agnostic as well as capable to conduct IP address whitelisting and blacklisting.

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