Performance Testing: Back to Basics

Tests, quizzes, or exams…no matter what you call it nobody likes them. The words themselves bring up memories of sitting in class frantically trying to remember the atomic number for magnesium (12, thank you very much) as the teacher passes out exams.


Even though tests make most people vaguely uncomfortable, their value can’t be underestimated. Tests assess what we do well and where to improve. Performance testing reveals the same, helping companies find the flaws in their websites and mobile applications. Despite the importance of this phase of a project, many companies set themselves up for failure by not utilizing their resources correctly during the testing stage.


The success of testing lies with the people involved, whether they are corporate or outside contractors. Before you start your next performance testing phase, remember the ABC’s that will help both the company and the performance engineers complete testing on time and move the project forward:



Communication is key for success. From senior management to the members of the project team, everyone should be on the same page. Keeping the lines of communication open and clear will help the testing process and the project itself move along on schedule.


Be Prepared

You wouldn’t show up to an exam without studying, so don’t arrive at performance testing without a plan. Take the time to map your entire project process and follow it to complete all efforts on time.



Take pride in your work. The setup might not be quite right, or someone isn’t holding up their end of the workload, but always put care into the work. Every project and corporate culture is different, but these simple tips will help make any performance testing initiative a breeze. Want to learn more? Check out our latest white paper to get an insider’s look at the top performance testing mistakes companies make and how to prevent them.

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