Why VIP?

Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) offers a distinct set of solution-providing trusted partners to align and execute any strategy, solution, or process needed to create accelerated strategic change.

Today, thousands of organizations have made the right business improvements to optimize processes, instill governance, ensure security, build future leaders, and capitalize on success through our work together. Founded in 1996, VIP has delivered measurable results for state and local, federal and commercial organizations big and small.

Put Your Trust in Our:


From examining your needs to evaluating on how to deliver the right solution for your business, if we don’t already have contacts in your industry, we will find them.


Since day one, VIP has established a strong record of client success. Our clients are our number one priority and as a result, we’ve built a robust reputation for diligent, proactive change-making solutions backed by several industry accolades.


In a highly connected, fast-paced world, quick and meaningful response is vital. We take inquiries—big or small—seriously.

Let’s be proactive together.