Our Favorite 5: Cybersecurity, hackers, and the small business

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind as retailers rev up for the holiday season and enterprises start to look to the future in 2016. From government recruiting to horror films, here’s what’s happening in cybersecurity:


Struggling to find a secure password?

In a world of hacks, cyberattacks and online threats, we all want to keep our passwords secure. Mira Modi, an 11-year-old girl from New York, is taking it one step further – she’s creating cryptographically secure passwords from Diceware passphrases. Want one? Two dollars, please.


Dear presidential candidates: Please talk about cybersecurity.

There has been a resounding silence from the presidential candidates on a topic that is near and dear to many Americans: cybersecurity. This article pieces together clues and quotes from the top two candidates of each party to guess where they stand on cybersecurity.


Better than fiction.

2015 saw some terrifying hacks. From the Ashley Madison disaster to the IRS fiasco, hackers have invaded our lives at every turn – almost like a horror film. CNet collected the scariest hacks of the year.


Uncle Sam wants you!

What better way to build up cyber defenses than to recruit the people breaking them? Federal officials are heading to cybersecurity gatherings to find and recruit computer experts to help beef up the government’s security.


Better safe than sorry.

Everyone is vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack, especially small businesses. Having a plan prepared in case of an attack is recommended, but it can be difficult for smaller enterprises to protect themselves against an attack. Check out 5 ways to improve cybersecurity for small businesses.

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