How to Use 2016’s Emerging Tech Trends in Your Business

2015 was an astounding year in the technology world. It brought the advent of the smart house, the smarter car, the mainstream popularity of DevOps, and the exploration of wearable tech. Technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence took off, reforming the landscape of those industries.


While these innovations have changed our technology landscape for the better, 2016 holds more to come. 2015’s steps forward will become blocks for the industry to build on in the months to come.


Here are our top technology predictions for 2016:


Cybersecurity has always been a concern, but before 2015, it was a problem handled almost exclusively by the IT department. With the amount of major cybersecurity attacks in the past year, the priority to keep businesses secure has elevated. It is no longer just an IT problem: it’s a business problem, requiring investment from CEOs.


This new priority status creates a need for risk and compliance reviews and for the executive team to have full visibility of an organization’s security processes, status, and procedures. This calls for monitoring and reporting software, many which need to be created or upgraded.


Prediction: Cybersecurity will be a motivating factor in enterprise software and solutions in 2016.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our daily lives. We can use our phones to remote on the lights, music, even kitchen appliances. IoT isn’t just changing things at home – it’s revitalizing the workplace, altering how companies view their employees, their offices, and even their customers. Wearables, phones, and hotspots provide ample data, but then the next task arises: what to do with all the data?


The high amount of data leaves companies plenty to analyze, but finding the value behind the numbers remains a challenge. Discovering the value means discovering customer areas of interest, finding new business opportunities, and aligning strategy to meet those needs.


Prediction: IoT’s position in business will play a bigger role as companies analyze and align the gathered information to further their organizations.


In our technologically advanced society, it’s do or die for applications. The average consumer now has multiple choices when choosing an app or software to download, giving products a limited chance to make a good first impression. Performance and load testing is the best way to make sure your product is putting its best foot forward.


Testing has always been a best practice among software and app developers, but in 2016, it will shoot to the top of the business priority list. To keep users happy and returning, enterprises will need to focus on their testing to make sure their product stands out as the best of the best.


Prediction: Performance and load testing will skyrocket to the top of the priority list for organizations to make sure their product can deliver and keep customers coming back.


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