The Holiday Rush is On! Is Your Website Ready?

Meet your customer, Jane.


Jane loves to shop online. She shops on her computer, her tablet, even her phone during work (don’t tell her boss).


Jane uses lots of websites. Every year around the holiday season, Jane notices some websites run slow, occasionally kicking her off the site. When this happens, Jane gets angry and often leaves the site without purchasing anything.


The sales growth during the holiday shopping season overloads websites, making customers like Jane frustrated. Preparing for the holiday rush is an easy way to keep your users engaged on your site and happy.



The best starting point for any changes or updates is to discover what your customer is looking for. Review previous years: how was your performance? Map out a plan by evaluating your website performance and your support teams’ responses to any loading or performance issues in the past.


Are consumers complaining about slow load times in reviews on application marketplaces? Does your existing mobile experience need an upgrade? Invest time and money into your mobile app, ensuring your site loads and performs properly on all platforms. As more consumers turn to online shopping, this testing phase isn’t just smart: its good business.



Once the past performance review is completed, it’s time to load and performance test. Consumers are notoriously impatient when it comes to waiting for a website to load: 47% expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. Test for the peak times as well as the low and average to ensure a seamless experience no matter the amount of users.


When preparing for your load test, check that all critical parts of your test environment match production as closely as possible. If the test environment doesn’t match production, the data may not perform as expected in real world conditions.


No matter what test results return, always do a third party review to ensure accuracy. An impartial review can catch bugs potentially missed in the original testing and review.



Cybersecurity threats are more present now than ever. Check to secure your customers information and your own. Hackers attack servers to obtain private customer databases, confidential customer information, and other private information. Check your security to make sure both you and your customers are protected.


Are security certificate warnings popping up on your website when your customers are loading the page? Update security certificates to make sure they don’t interrupt your users’ experience.


The more users, the more security utilized, leading to a bigger strain on your servers. Ensure your servers can handle the larger workload and keep everyone safe.



You worked out the glitches from last year, implemented and upgraded your mobile and web sites, and updated your security. You are now ready for the holiday season madness (because let’s call it what it is).


Want to learn more about performance and load testing for not only the holiday season, but all year? Email us today!

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