Covered California Educates Community about Affordable Care Act with Meridian LMS

Folsom, Calif. – The California Health Benefit Exchange, also known as Covered California™, has selected Visionary Integration Professionals’ subsidiary Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading provider of integrated performance and learning management systems (LMS), to implement its SaaS LMS and Social platform by July 2013. The LMS will play a role in educating nearly nine million Californians about the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Meridian’s LMS software will deliver training to workers at community organizations responsible for explaining the Affordable Care Act and encouraging Californians to apply for benefits.


“We believe this project will serve as a model for other states to deploy a similar cloud-based solution to meet the federal mandates defined by the Affordable Care Act,” said Jonna Ward, chief executive officer for Visionary Integration Professionals.


California was the first state to create a health benefit exchange following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. In May 2013, Covered California awarded $37 million in grants to community organizations such as Catholic Charities and the NAACP to educate Californians about the Affordable Care Act. Meridian’s LMS will provide approximately 40,000 grantees and state workers, among others, with 15 learning tracks that include courses on applying for healthcare coverage or submitting an appeal if denied. Healthcare coverage though Covered California begins January 1, 2014. In addition to meeting the current requirements, Covered California chose Meridian’s platform to keep up with rapidly evolving policy changes to the Affordable Care Act at the local, state and federal levels.


Covered California signed this contract in June, and is now launching the first training program of its kind anywhere in the United States for grantees to learn about the Affordable Care Act.


Grantees and, eventually the public, will access the training delivered by the Meridian SaaS LMS via a password-protected web site. Some people learning about the Affordable Care Act will not be familiar with technology. So, Meridian has designed the software’s interface to be intuitive for people with even basic computer skills.


“Meridian’s software gives administrators a quick way to assign training, administer tests and deliver knowledge to kiosks, PCs, smartphones and tablets,” said Jason Marceau, chief operations officer for Meridian. “To make it easy for people of all abilities to understand and talk about the Affordable Care Act, our software provides users video content as well as collaborative tools like wikis and blogs for sharing information and policies.”


Grantees will access the Affordable Care Act training via the Meridian LMS at The public will begin taking training at the same site on January 1, 2014.


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