How to Court Your Client: Inspiration from 80s’ Movie Classics

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You ordered the flowers, made the dinner reservations, and bought the perfect gift for that special someone. All set?


While Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make your romantic interest feel special, it’s also a great time to show the other relationships in your life a little love, like your family, your friends, and your clients.


Think about it: in your career you have many connections, but few are as important as a strong client or vendor relationship. This Valentine’s Day show your client how much your relationship means with inspiration from these 1980’s romantic classic movies:


Say Anything

Say Anything’s main character Lloyd Dobler had the right idea. After high school graduation, he falls in love with the smart yet socially awkward valedictorian Diane Court. Lloyd throws his heart into the ring, determined to show Diane he’s there to stay in the cinematically famous “boom box serenade” scene.


Although showing up at your client’s workplace with a boom box and blasting “In Your Eyes” at their windows may not be the best idea, take a page out of Lloyd’s book. Show your client you appreciate their business and you’re here to stay by starting a project or meeting fully prepared, doing that extra bit of work they didn’t ask for, and listen when they offer feedback.


Sixteen Candles

It’d be bad enough if everyone forgot your birthday, but what if it was your “Sweet 16 – the biggest coming-of-age moment for any teenager. Molly Ringwald’s Samantha knows that feeling when her birthday goes unnoticed by her family, who are consumed with her sister’s wedding plans.


Don’t let your clients feel forgotten. Making sure your clients feel valued is one of the best ways to build a solid working relationship. Keep the lines of communication open with weekly check in calls, newsletters, or even just a “pop in” coffee catch up. Taking the time for open communication will go a long way to create a strong relationship.


Dirty Dancing

All Baby wants is to dance with Johnny at the end of season talent show but after the drama of the summer, she’s regulated to the audience. When Johnny comes back to dance the final number, he offers his hand, and makes Baby’s dreams come true.


Be Johnny for your clients. You may be hired for a certain project, but ask if there’s other ways you can help make their business dreams come true. Find ways to make them shine.


The Princess Bride

While Buttercup and Wesley didn’t always have the perfect relationship in The Princess Bride, there’s no doubting the sincerity in his voice when Welsey utters “As you wish,” even to her most ridiculous command. His mild repetition of the phrase didn’t mean anything to her at first, but she slowly realized his quiet compliance expressed how much he cared for her.


Don’t be the negative person, the one that constantly says “that won’t work,” and disparages others’ ideas. Find a way to make the client request a reality. Be the positive element in the office. When a client makes a request, don’t grumble and channel your inner Wesley.


Relationships are hard. Going above and beyond the required daily duties of a project, like making those grand gestures or making the impossible a reality, lets the client see you’re invested in making them successful. It may require a little extra work, but will build a bond with that client that will keep them returning and recommend you to their peers.

How do you make your clients feel special? Leave a comment below!

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