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Slow Down: 5 Reasons to Stop Rushing Load Testing Now

It’s no surprise that load testing is a staple of the software development lifecycle. In the technology world, it’s the equivalent of a chef tasting their food before sending it to the dining room, or an artist adding that final flourish before declaring a piece […]

3 Things Your Project Team Needs to Hear

You know how it goes: After weeks of intensive, focused work, the team can start to feel the burnout. Despite best efforts, motivation can lag on long-term projects, leaving staff feeling tired and uninspired as they hit the daily grind. As a project manager, it’s […]

4 Unique People You Need for a Successful Software Team

Software may be built on coding, but the teams that create it are not.   Think about it: Teams are made up of leaders and followers, talkers and listeners, logical and creative. Finding and maintaining that harmonious balance among team members is essential to creating […]

Is Testing in Production Worth the Risk?

On the surface, the question of which environment to conduct software testing appears simple: in test or production? But that seemingly simple choice of whether or not to test exclusively in production (TiP) can have disastrous consequences.   Software testing is unquestionably a necessary part of […]

The Surprising Secret to System Integration Success

System integration initiatives aren’t simple. In fact, they tend to be just the opposite – months-long, tense projects requiring extraordinary attention to detail, patience, and the ability to keep an eye on the prize. At the heart of each successful system integration project is one […]

WITS Recipient Profile: Adrienne Dunham

VIP is proud to mark ten years of the Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS) program, our hallmark scholarship program that supports young women across the nation who are pursuing degrees in information technology. As we celebrate the tenth year of WITS, we reached out to […]

Celebrating 10 Years of WITS

A lot can happen in ten years.   Ten years ago, the nation was hooked on American Idol, the space shuttle Discovery made its way to the International Space Station, the Pittsburgh Steelers took home the Vince Lombardi trophy, and Visionary Integration Professionals launched the […]

5 Tasks to Prepare Your Business for the New Year

Chances are you’re thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Whether its business or personal, ‘tis the season for setting goals, making plans, and taking chances. But before launching into the next year, don’t forget to tie up projects and tasks from this year.   Make sure […]