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California Contractor Begins Licensing Cannabis Sellers on Accela Software

The Bureau of Cannabis Control issued the first round of temporary licenses for commercial cannabis businesses on Thursday, almost 18 days ahead of the Jan. 1 project deadline. The 20 temporary licenses were issued through the department’s Cannabis Licensing, Enforcement and Reporting (CLEaR) project. “The […]

VIP Announces 11th Annual Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS) Program

Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP), a leading performance delivery and technology consulting firm that helps organizations better align strategy to execution, today announced it is accepting applications for the 11th annual Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS) program. Over the past decade, VIP has been proud to […]

VIP 2017 Women in Technology Scholarship Winners!

The WITS program, now celebrating its tenth year, offers multiple scholarships to women pursuing a career in computer science, information technology (IT), management information systems, computer engineering, or another related field. Inspired by her own journey as a woman in technology, Visionary Integration Professionals CEO […]

WITS recipient profile – Christine Petrozzo

VIP is proud to mark ten years of the Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS) program, our hallmark scholarship program that supports young women across the nation who are pursuing degrees in information technology. As we celebrate the tenth year of WITS, we reached out to […]

Enterprises, Meet Microservices

Suppose you need to update an application in your organization’s systems. Something small, a simple upgrade to fix a business system glitch. Sounds easy, right? Depending on your services architecture, it might not be as simple as you think.   Many of today’s organizations use […]

Forget the Flowers: How to Create a Meaningful Client Relationship

Valentine’s Day spirit is all around, reminding us to be thankful for those special relationships in our lives. While this holiday traditionally celebrates the personal relationships in our lives, what about the business ones?   Think about it: Maybe you’ve picked up a box of […]

Slow Down: 5 Reasons to Stop Rushing Load Testing Now

It’s no surprise that load testing is a staple of the software development lifecycle. In the technology world, it’s the equivalent of a chef tasting their food before sending it to the dining room, or an artist adding that final flourish before declaring a piece […]

3 Things Your Project Team Needs to Hear

You know how it goes: After weeks of intensive, focused work, the team can start to feel the burnout. Despite best efforts, motivation can lag on long-term projects, leaving staff feeling tired and uninspired as they hit the daily grind. As a project manager, it’s […]