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10 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through the Week

It’s hard to get motivated on these beautiful fall mornings, even with a giant cup of coffee in hand. Instead of staring wistfully at your coworker’s pumpkin spice latte or planning your Halloween costumes, read on to see our favorite inspirations to get your day […]

4 Tips to Keep Your Password Safe

Passwords. The necessary evil.   We all know the password rules: don’t use important dates (like your birthday), your name or “passw0rd” to secure your accounts. We all know each account should have a different, unique password.   But we live our lives online — logging […]

The Holiday Rush is On! Is Your Website Ready?

Meet your customer, Jane.   Jane loves to shop online. She shops on her computer, her tablet, even her phone during work (don’t tell her boss).   Jane uses lots of websites. Every year around the holiday season, Jane notices some websites run slow, occasionally […]

Performance Testing: Back to Basics

Tests, quizzes, or exams…no matter what you call it nobody likes them. The words themselves bring up memories of sitting in class frantically trying to remember the atomic number for magnesium (12, thank you very much) as the teacher passes out exams.   Even though […]

CalCloud: Is It Right for You?

The cloud has arrived in California! The recent implementation of CalCloud creates a private cloud service hosted by the State of California and available to government agencies and municipalities across all levels. Using a self-service portal, CalCloud provides an on-demand pool of shared compute resources, […]

3 Keys to Mobile Application Quality

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”   While Apple’s iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone (RIM was the market share leader at the time with the Blackberry), Steve Jobs was right when he declared the iPhone a revolutionary product. […]

Top 5 Takeaways from HP Discover 2015

HP Discover might have ended last week, but the excitement is still in the air at VIP! This year’s event was the best yet, as our team gathered in Las Vegas to highlight our software quality & testing, mobile, and HP Software solutions! We can’t […]