COTS Business Solutions

Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Business Solutions

We understand there is no magic bullet — there is no one solution or approach that meets everyone’s needs. Our solution offerings are informed by 20+ years of experience knowing how to generate ROI as soon as possible. We combine strong governance, rigorous project management, and highly talented staff with the insights of our clients and an understanding of what our clients need to be successful. We ensure our clients achieve results that improve customer experiences and ultimately help business programs work more effectively and efficiently. We strive to achieve outcomes that are relevant and impactful.

See the VIP Partner page for the array of COTS business solutions that VIP implements.

When VIP implements COTS business solutions:

  • We utilize technical, industry, and business knowledge to analyze customer business needs and decompose these into software requirements.
  • We perform a fit-gap analysis and use the results to select COTS solution(s) that are a fit for majority of the requirements. The selected solutions are easily configured, customized, or both for the projects effective use.
  • We apply an iterative approach to fine-tuning and validating requirements with the client project team to configure, learn and use the software in a production mode.
  • We identify and reengineer client’s business processes to achieve maximum benefits from the COTS implementation.

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COTS Business Solutions

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