Center for Digital Government Awards California Departments for IT Collaboration on Cannabis

FOLSOM, CA – The Center for Digital Government presented the Best of California Awards during the California Digital Government Summit on September 18, 2018.The award for Best Information Technology Collaboration Among Organizations was presented to Jason Piccione, Chief Information Officer of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. This award showcased the collaboration between California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, Department of Food and Agriculture, Department of Public Health, and Department of Technology.

Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) congratulates California for this well-deserved award and monumental achievement to successfully launch the new systems required to regulate the legalization of adult-use marijuana ahead of the legislative deadline of January 1, 2018.

VIP is proud of its role as the prime contractor and system integrator working in collaboration with the CA Department of Consumer Affairs and CA Department of Food and Agriculture in successfully configuring and deploying the systems that support commercial cannabis licensing for retailers, distributors as well as cultivators.

To power the solution, VIP teamed with Accela to deploy its Civic platform specifically tailored for licensing. The strong collaboration and client executive sponsorship, the ease of configurability of the software platform, and VIP’s proven agile/scrum approach allowed these mission critical technology solutions to be implemented with an accelerated nine-month timeline.

“We had the world looking at us,” said Jason Piccione, CIO of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. “Collaboration was key here. Using an agile methodology meant setting up an iterative, customer-centric process, with frequent check-ins between the IT team, the Bureau of Cannabis Control within the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Public Health.”

“The only way it’s possible to deploy technology solutions of this magnitude with an accelerated nine-month timeline is with highly talented staff, tight management of the deployment, extraordinary collaboration, and unwavering executive sponsorship,” said Jonna Ward, CEO of VIP. “We had all four.”

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