California Contractor Begins Licensing Cannabis Sellers on Accela Software

The Bureau of Cannabis Control issued the first round of temporary licenses for commercial cannabis businesses on Thursday, almost 18 days ahead of the Jan. 1 project deadline.

The 20 temporary licenses were issued through the department’s Cannabis Licensing, Enforcement and Reporting (CLEaR) project.

“The focus of the initial project was to ensure that licenses could be issued by Jan. 1, so that businesses that are in operation could continue to be in operation and not be in violation of state law,” Ean Darbo told Techwire in an interview. Darbo is the managing director for Visionary Integration Professionals, the contractor implementing the Accela solution for CLEaR and the Department of Food and Agriculture’s project to license cannabis growers.

“We have two different projects going on, both implementing Accela for those two different departments,” Darbo said.

According to Darbo, both the VIP projects are under budget…

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