4 Unique People You Need for a Successful Software Team

Software may be built on coding, but the teams that create it are not.


Think about it: Teams are made up of leaders and followers, talkers and listeners, logical and creative. Finding and maintaining that harmonious balance among team members is essential to creating exceptional results.


When assembling the software team, you know you need some combination of a designer, a developer, a tester, and a business liaison to guarantee the best product. Each role is crucial to creating the ultimate software product, but they don’t necessarily ensure a cohesive, successful team.


It’s the roles each person plays, not the job responsibilities, that contribute to the overall team chemistry and, ultimately, success.


Every team needs four types of people:


  • The Communicator: Not afraid to say what’s on their mind, the communicator is the voice of the team. They not only speak for their coworkers to the project manager or stakeholders but also help ensure internal communication runs smoothly.


  • The Cheerleader: A naturally upbeat person, the cheerleader has the unique ability to find the light in the dark, the positive in the negative. They act as the team motivator, inspiring others to keep working when the team pulls a late night or a performance test turns up an unexpected bug in the software.


  • The Charger: Driven and motivated, the charger always keeps one eye on the goal, the other on the deadline. They are crucial to ensuring the team stays on schedule, meets tasks, and fulfills miscellaneous duties.


  • The Collaborator: Otherwise known as the ultimate team player, the collaborator is willing to jump in to help whoever needs it, whether or not it’s in their job description. They stay late and show up early to help get the job done.


But software is different, you say. It’s technical, full of processes, routines, and testing. I don’t need the harmony to build software. Luckily, these personality types fall into the typical software roles. The charger type is often attracted to the deadline-driven role of software tester while the communicator, a conversationalist at heart, feels comfortable in the business liaison role.


Why look for these personality types? Together, they create a cohesive unit, a team that can efficiently build and distribute top-notch software products. The combination of positivity, drive, communication, and support covers every component of production, enabling the team to overcome any unwelcome deadline hurdles.

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