3 Tips to Embrace Organizational Change

Change is coming!

Some say change is the quintessential element. We can and should expect change in our lives. Some changes are bigger than others and have the potential to cause major disruptions in our day to day activities. We all deal with change differently. Some avoid change and some embrace it. Some run directly towards change like they are saving someone from a fire. And then there are those who plan and champion change. Regardless of how you deal with change, it is inevitable. We in the IT industry are typically on the forefront of change. We deal with change every day and sometimes every minute of every day and the majority of those changes effect someone other than just ourselves therefore we should plan to address change with those most affected.


Organizational Change Management (OCM) has become a more common discipline on large change initiatives to help those affected prepare for the impending anxiety that many experience when how they do their job changes. Many organizations are engaging in OCM as a way ease the effects of change to internal as well as external users. OCM is a systematic approach to engaging in setting expectations and communicating the extent of change and involves a well-organized plan for success.

Below are 3 key strategies to successful organizational change initiative:

  1. Communicate and agree on a vision for change – the change initiative decision should include those that will affected by the change. Buy-in from this group is essential for creating momentum necessary to stay focused on the goal.
  2. Executive sponsorship to lead the effort – a strong leader that can carry the message of the vision for the duration can effectively maintain momentum during periods of delay or difficulties during the effort.
  3. Educate and train users to prepare for change – plan to educate and train users prior to implementation to prepare for how their day to day work will change.


These key strategies will go a long way toward a successful change of your organization. For more information about how we can assist with your organizational change management, leave us a comment below!


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