Month: December 2016

The Recipe for a Successful Tech Project

Discovering that perfect chocolate chip recipe is an endless quest. Does room temperature butter work better than browned butter? Is it baking soda or baking powder, or both? It all depends on finding the right combination of ingredients.   Determining the right mix of ingredients is […]

4 Commonly Misunderstood DevOps Terms

How do you define DevOps? Chances are, your definition varies from your coworkers, boss, and even industry experts. While most of the tech community may agree on an underlying meaning (the process of creating a collaborative culture based on communication and information to connect IT […]

Checks and Balances: The Pitfalls of CI/CD

We know good software when we see it. It operates smoothly, effortlessly engaging users and fulfilling their needs while enabling businesses to meet sales and other organizational objectives. Creating good software is not easy: finding that elusive balance of user engagement, business goals, and reliability […]